1,2 Freddy’s comming for you3,4 Better lock your door5,6 Crab your crucifix7,8 Gona stay up late9,10 Never sleep again

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  • raychillster:

    i like wearing men’s clothing.

    People say that their hearts
    fall in love when their brains
    tell them not to and that is
    complete bull because
    our brains are part of
    our central nervous systems;

    And that means that when my
    hands are involuntary shaking
    as they’re holding yours,
    my head is sending signals
    to my peripheral nervous system
    causing me to hold earthquakes
    between my fingers.

    And that means that when the
    bronchi in my lungs dilate
    to allow more oxygen in so I don’t
    have to gasp for air when we’re together,
    it is the signals from my brain
    telling me that I don’t have to drown
    in your ocean.

    And that means that when my
    heart is accelerating to keep up
    with the rest of my racing body,
    my brain is the one driving
    the show and everything is
    automatic because loving you
    is out of my control.

    So when they say to me it is
    the heart versus the brain
    I tell them they are wrong
    because when I fall in love
    it is completely and utterly
    and there is no rationalizing
    or thinking through for
    when I am in love
    there is only you.

    What anatomy taught me about love (via ink-trails)

A new hottie for True Blood.
- word is Riley Smith (90210) will have a recurring role in the season as a vampire named Keith, who’ll be a love interest for Arlene as well as a drummer in James’s band.